Canada Bingo

Canada Bingo is growing at a fast pace with some fantastic offers available for Canadian players. Sites often have all sorts of promotions running where you can play Claim new player welcome bonuses, play free Bingo or win incredible prizes.

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What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance. The way it is played depends on the type of game you are playing. Each game comes with a different amount of numbers on each card and different ways of winning each game. Canada Bingo games are the same as anywhere else in the world. The different types of games are as follows.

90 ball Bingo – You will have 15 numbers over 3 rows. The tickets are usually sold 6 at a time in a strip. The numbers will align. For example the 1st column will be for numbers 1-9 and the numbers in the 1st column of the ticket below will also be for number 1-9 as well as all the tickets below, which makes checking and marking your numbers (if required) a much more simple and quick process. The 2nd column is for numbers 10-19, 3rd for 20-29 and so on and every column in all tickets on the strip will be the same. each game is usually played in 3 parts.

The 1st winner is the player that matches all numbers in 1 row across (1 line). The 2nd winner is the player or players that mark off all numbers in 2 rows across (2 lines) and the 3rd winner of the game is the player that marks off all numbers on the card (full house). The prizes usually increase in value with each round.

80 ball Bingo – This variant of the game is not as common as 90 and 75 ball Bingo. The ticket or board comes as a grid with 16 numbers in a square (4×4). Each column is a different color; Red, Yellow, Blue then White. The red column contains numbers 1-20, Yellow 21-40, Blue 41-60 and the White column contains numbers 61-80. The game can be played differently from site to site but traditionally you would play for 1 line, then 2 lines and then the full house.

75 ball Bingo – This variant of the game consists of 24 numbers on a square grid with 5 numbers across and 5 down. The number in the center of the board is blank which makes it just 24 numbers. The center number is a free space which you can use to complete your winning pattern. To win you will need to mark off a pre determined pattern which is traditionally 1 line, although it can be any pattern. The 1 line can go in any direction; either down, across or diagonally.

The word “bingo” comes from the American Indian word for “a lucky thing”.

Bingo games have been around since 1894 and were originally created as a way to raise money for the St. Agnes Society for the relief of poor aged Men and Women, an episcopal charity organization. They created these Bingo events as raffles where the prizes were items such as used furniture, serving sets, or cast-iron stoves. This evolved many times over the years to the Bingo halls we play in today and of course the Online Bingo boom.

New Bingo Sites

We are happy to announce a new site to have joined the Canada Bingo market. Leo Vegas have been around for a while as a sportsbook and Casino but have recently decided to open up there popular Bingo site to Canadian players. This is excellent news for the market as the more Bingo sites available the more competition, meaning players will get looked after in the best possible way with loyalty bonuses and more.

Another new site that has become the latest addition to the Canadian Bingo market is Bonus Bingo. They are the newest site and one of the best for Bingo bonuses. You’ll start with a bang getting $100 FREE giving you the chance to win real money playing free bingo. You will also get every deposit you make boosted with a 500% bonus. Yes every deposit!!!

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New players that join Leo Vegas Bingo today will get a bonus worth up to C$500 real cash and 200 FREE spins.

Bonus Bingo

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Editors choice

As with all Bingo lovers we all have our favourite places to play and that is exactly why we decided to add an editors choice section. Our favourite place to play at the moment is Cash Cabin. It’s one of the most popular sites on our Canada Bingo platform and offers new players 2 deposit bonuses doubling those deposits each time.

Cash Cabin bonus

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Get your 1st 2 x deposits doubled at Cash Cabin Bingo. Claim now for bonuses.

What we look for at Canada Bingo

Bonuses and wagering requirements – Bonuses and wagering requirements are equally important as the bonus is free playing money but the wagering requirement can be the difference to being able to withdraw any winnings from the bonus money. You can find more info on both on our Canada Bingo Bonuses page.

Canada Bingo

Licensed Bingo sites – A question often asked is “is online gambling legal in Canada”? The answer is yes it’s perfectly legal. BUT all gaming sites must be licensed. Canadian law does not prohibit online gambling but operators (online gambling sites) must be licensed offshore. It is actually illegal to run an online Casino from within Canada but perfectly safe to play and the reason casinos and Canada Bingo sites must be licensed is to ensure the safety and fairness of the site which in turn protects the players.

Loyalty scheme and VIP programmes – Loyalty and VIP programmes can be even more important than the opening welcome bonus as you can gain from these for the whole lifetime of playing at your favourite site. At Canada Bingo we think the promotions and offers in the long run far outweigh a quick bonus at the start of your journey.


At Canada Bingo we cover as many questions in our FAQ’s as possible and give our users answers to questions we think they want to ask. If there’s any questions you want an answer to and it’s not here then please contact us and we can add it for you and other Canada Bingo users.

Is Bingo popular in Canada?

Yes Bingo is extremely popular in Canada! The game has evolved over the years no more so than the introduction of online Bingo. With many variations of the game to choose from and a multitude of sites to play at, there has never been a better time to play.

How do you play Bingo in Canada?

Bingo is played in Canada the same as anywhere else in the World. You can choose from 90 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 25 ball Bingo games. You may even find a few other games played at different sites. If playing online you simply buy your tickets and sit back as the numbers are called. The tickets will mark themselves as the number are called. If in a Bingo hall you will need to purchase your tickets and mark the numbers as they are called out. If you win a prize it is important to remember to claim the prize by shouting anything thing to get the callers attention before the next number is called. If you do not claim the prize before the next number is called your ticket may be deemed void.

Is online Bingo illegal in Ontario?

Playing online Bingo in Ontario is not illegal. Bingo is classed in the same category by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as the Lottery. However a licence is required by the operator if a cash prize is offered. Bingo in community centers, churches, etc is not classed as gambling.

Can you play Bingo for money?

You can play Bingo for money. However if a cash prize is offered the operator will be required to hold a valid licence. All Bingo sites advertised on are reputable licensed and regulated Bingo sites.

How does online Bingo work?

Online Bingo works the same as in a Brick and mortar Bingo hall or Casino. You purchase your tickets and complete the required pattern or line on your Bingo card to win the prize. The only real difference is you do not mark your ticket online as the Bingo site will do this automatically for you. Also you do not need to claim the prize as that part of the game will finish as soon as a player has won.

How do you play online Bingo?

Playing online Bingo is the same as playing offline. Apart from there can potentially be a lot more players which creates greater prizes and the hard work is done for you. You do not have to worry about getting behind or missing a number as the Bingo site will mark your card / ticket automatically and the prize is allocated as soon as a player wins so no need to call out to claim the prize yourself.